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Joy. We are designed for it. We live our entire lives in search of it. Joy is relational! Joy impacts communities, heals cultures and restores hope.

Joy can change your community and the world. Joy Starts Here.

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By Chris Coursey


New from Chris and Jen, 30 days of Joy! Exercises to grow joy for busy couples. Take just 15 minutes each day to grow joy and you will be as delighted as Chris and Jen. They have tested all these exercises and had so much fun doing it that they are doing it again!




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Online Curriculum- Four online courses that make up the THRIVE-at-Home program


Numerous articles published in Christian newsletters and magazines. Several are posted on the THRIVE website ( ) the Life Model website ( )

Articles in the Lake County Star under ‘Pastor’s Pen’ in Baldwin, Michigan.

Article in Promise, an international magazine in January 2004 on Bonds and Attachments.

Set Apart Ministries Newsletter in 2005 and other ministries around the world.


Co-author of The Joy Starts Here a book on starting joy due to be released in 2013 (work in progress)

Work in progress: co-authoring a book for pastors and leaders (working title: Joy Starters) due to be released in the Fall of 2013 or early 2014

Chris and his wife Jenn co-authored three training workbooks called THRIVE Skill Guides, a major component of the THRIVE training package for the church, as well as for equipping those who attend THRIVE events.

Contributor to the new Thriving – Recover Your Life program, a resource for churches and groups For more information, visit


Audio — Chris and Dr. Jim Wilder created the companion CD Share Immanuel: Taking Healing To The World for the Share Immanuel booklet.

Three teaching CD’s available called Manna Volumes I, II and III


Eleven short Youtube training videos illustrating how the 19 relational skills work with children

Brief teaching clips titled the Perils of Low Joy Pastoring.

Recordings on Maturity. ( from the International Center for Biblical Counseling School in Indianapolis, IN Nov. 12 of 2007.

Video teachings on the subject of Maturity and the Abuse of Power. (

Chris and Jenn released two training videos, Steps to Joy: how to train and build a group identity through synchronized dancing. The other is called Sensible Strategies for Belonging, a Beta-version of the new Belonging module in the Thriving: Recover Your Life program.

Resources by Dr. Jim Wilder

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For more resources by Dr. Wilder check out the link to the Shepherd’s House website on the Home page.

Resources By Carol Brown

The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity

mysterythumbnail In a society that values production and performance, highly sensitive people struggle to make sense of the overwhelming data stream that daily bombards them. The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity was written to give voice and vocabulary to how highly sensitive people experience life, to help them understand the dynamics that wounded them and caused them to hate the way they are, and to bring healing to those wounds. It also touches on how this high sensitivity can facilitate and/or muck up marriage and parenting relationships.

Highly SeHighly Sensitive JPEGnsitive is about spiritual fitness—building in the structures, habits, and disciplines that will enable you to do “the good works that were designed for you to do from the beginning” (Ephesians 2:10)….This book is about the issues highly sensitive people wrestle with in hearing God, trust, boundaries, and identity. This book will help you build the inner structures needed to live a joy-filled life as a burden bearer, before the ‘gift’ kills you!

Who should read Carol’s books?  
Anyone, highly sensitive or not!

Individuals seeking relationship with God and people

 Couples who read it together find it helpful in improving their marriages

Grandparents interceding for family members and

Ministry leaders wanting to understand those they lead

Counselors and prayer ministers who “repair the saints”

People “not so sensitive” will find that they understand their weird relatives a lot better! Understanding is the most loving gift you can give the highly sensitive people in your life—and the remaining 70-80% not so sensitive can also learn from them!

Study guide for Highly Sensitive available for free download here.

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