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Author/Speaker Qualifications,  Carol Brown, B. A, M. A.C.I.

Carol Brown is an educator, pastor’s wife, mom to two and grandma to five. She has taught from 1st grade through graduate level courses, adult community ed. and ministered with her pastoral counselor husband nationally and internationally for 40 years.

Carol has been highly sensitive all her life and has learned to live joy filled in spite of feeling “different.”

Has extensive multicultural experience, and “being different” was just part of the experience!

She is gifted with the ability to provide language for those without words. Carol’s years of working with foreign students both as instructor and as advisor bring a uniqueness and richness to her teaching.

As educator/administrator for Elijah House, Carol compiled school curriculum and designed the basic structure of the internship.

About the Books

Mystery Book Cover

The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity: In a society that values production and performance, highly sensitive people struggle to make sense of the overwhelming data stream that daily bombards them. The Mystery was written to give voice and vocabulary to how highly sensitive people experience life, to help them understand the dynamics that wounded them and caused them to hate the way are, and to bring healing to those wounds. It also touches on how this high sensitivity can facilitate and/or muck up marriage and parenting relationships.

It explains why God made some 20-30% of the population this way—to be His burden bearers who continue the ministry of reconciliation that Jesus began. Highly sensitive people are wonderfully and uniquely designed to be His “special forces” in a spiritual war they do not realize they are in.

Many highly sensitive struggle with issues of self-esteem and worth feeling that everything they sense and feel originates within themselves—this of course, is not true, but that is how it feels. Their responses to what they feel can make them feel crazy and others willingly confirm it! I am happy to say the “half the craziness you feel may not be your own!” Highly sensitive people are not crazy, just different from many—and that is a good thing!

Highly Sensitive JPEG

Highly Sensitive is about spiritual fitness—building in the structures, habits, and disciplines that will enable you to do “the good works that were designed for you to do from the beginning” (Ephesians 2:10)….This book is about the issues highly sensitive people wrestle with (trust, boundaries, identity, hearing God) and the inner structures needed to live a joy-filled life as a burden bearer, before the ‘gift’ kills you!

 Who should read these books? Anyone, highly sensitive or not!

Individuals seeking relationship with God and people

Couples who read it together find it helpful in improving their marriages

Grandparents interceding for family members and

Ministry leaders wanting to understand those they lead

Pastors, counselors and prayer ministers who “repair the saints”

People “not so sensitive” will find that they understand their weird relatives a lot better! Understanding is the most loving gift you can give the highly sensitive people in your life—and the remaining 70-80% not so sensitive can learn from them! Highly Sensitive gives some answers to the question, “Now what? How do I live with this gift without it killing me?”

A gifted speaker and educator, Carol was sidelined by MS until the Lord showed her that He had expanded her classroom. Her books have now gone around the world—at last count they are in 16 countries.  If you have ever wondered, “What was God thinking when He made me the way I am?” you will want to read this book and/or hear Carol speak!

The Sassy Pants Series

Carol’s children’s stories, are first of all just fun; underneath are character building lessons.

Sassy Pants is a cute little pig, with a big attitude. Sassy Pants becomes the barnyard bully, insisting upon her own way with no regard for others. “She neither notices, nor does she care!”  Her jokes make no one else laugh. She doesn’t listen to correction or advice—she doesn’t even listen to the boss hog! She systematically ruins about every relationship she has. She causes the farmer’s wife to have a tizzy; ruffles feathers and ties fur in knots until finally the barnyard friends turn to Farmer White for help to stop Sassy Pants’ rampage. Some learn the easy way, and some learn the hard way. Find out how Sassy Pants learned!

Sassy Pants Cover Design          Sassy Makes Amend

How do you fix a friendship when you are the one who broke it? Old Clyde knew a way. He asked little Molly lamb to “be friendly” even though she didn’t trust Sassy Pants. The two of them put their heads together—but not too close—and came up with a plan to make amends—to think of something that was important to Gerald, Maude, and Kitty Cat and make it become important to Sassy Pants too——something that would go way beyond sorry and give the offended friend reason to trust her again.

Follow Sassy Pants as she works to repair the friendships she broke! Learn with her how to fix a friendship when you are the one who broke it. Find out how Sassy Pants learns to apologize, ask forgiveness and make amends with the help of two special friends. Making amends is not easy, but having friends is worth it!

Talking points available for download here.

Carol’s Background: Raised on a farm Carol learned early how to work hard and have fun at the same time! After high school she went into education, teaching all ages from first graders to the university and adult levels before joining the Elijah House staff in the U.S. in 1989.  Elijah House, Inc. is an inner healing pastoral counselling ministry based upon Scripture, established in the early 1970’s. She served Elijah House by laying the foundation of the Educational Ministry Dept. and the Intern Program. She often joined her husband, David, in counselling and teaching. David pastured for 18 years within the American Baptist denomination before moving to pastoral counselling full time. He received his M.Div. from Fuller Seminary.


B.A. in Anthropology from Bethel College (now Bethel University), 1968

M.A.C.I. (Master of Arts in College Instruction) with a speciality in ESL (English As A Second Language) from Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA., 1986


North Idaho College – ESL Instructor, Foreign Student Advisor

Gonzaga University – ESL Instructor (Intensive Language Program)

Whitworth College – Adjunct faculty for Special Language Program and Methods & Materials for TESL

Elijah House Ministries – Education Director

Speaking: Carol does a limited amount of speaking—expenses plus honorarium. Carol can speak to your small group, Sunday School class or church, PTA or homeschool mom’s group.

Husband, David, ministers with The Healing Tree, an inner healing ministry located in Grand Rapids, MI where the couple reside. Carol enjoys music, knitting sweaters and telling yarns! The couple have two daughters on the West Coast, and five grandchildren.


John Sandford, founder Elijah House Ministries U.S.A.

Burden bearing is a most basic calling for all Christians but almost totally neglected and very little understood—by teachers and students alike. Carol Brown exposes the secrets and joys of burden bearing to the Body of Christ. Precisely because burden bearing is such a priceless gifting and high calling, it can to that degree be subject to error and consequent suffering. Carol makes that abundantly clear throughout the book, and teaches how to avoid pitfalls and bear burdens rightly in our Lord Jesus.She knows the subject inside out, and so will you if you persevere not only in the reading but in the practice of burden bearing prayer and ministry.

E. James Wilder, Ph.D. psychologist, teacher counselor, international speaker, co-founder of Shepherd’s House says,

“Carol has put her finger on a huge problem in a way that brings healing and understanding about one of God’s great gifts.  Emotional, spiritual and neurological sensitivity are a painful gift and we must cherish and protect those who carry such deep links between us, God and each other.  Everyone who has cringed at the pain they feel in the world should read this book and learn a way back to peace.”

Paul & Gretel Haglin, Aeronautical Engineer, Pastor, teachers, international speakers, and founders of Resurrection Life Ministries, Hawk Point, MO.

“Some people write about healing from their extensive studies.  Some people write based strictly on their perceptions of God’s Word.  Carol writes from both of these viewpoints plus many years of living God’s healing answers and revealing His resurrecting revelations to saints in deepest need.  This is a work book for healers written by a healer who has persevered at the side of a trustworthy God.  You will not just read Carol’s book, you will devour and re-read it and appropriate it into your life and your ministry.”

Cheri Knight, social worker, counselor, co-founder of C.A.R.E. International

Carol does an excellent job of showing how God created us with everything necessary to accept the challenge of bearing one another’s burdens.  This book will help many people in the church.

Susan M. Austin MD, PLLC, Albany, New York 12206

Carol has a unique and wonderful understanding of the Gift of Spiritual
Sensitivity. I used her first book, The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity, as the focus of my women’s journaling group and they are looking forward to Highly Sensitive; Learning to Live With the Gift of Spiritual Sensitivity!  I will be encouraging my patients to read it. This is groundbreaking work that Carol is doing, and, if we want to understand and cooperate with the way that God created us, we would do well to allow Carol to teach us more and more about the Gift of Spiritual Sensitivity.

A Book Review

Highly Sensitive – A Book Review By Nancy Hoisington

Overload! Overload is what can happen to a highly sensitive person while in a mall, hospital or room full of people—an overload of noises, emotions, irritation, and an inability to concentrate. Carol Brown takes on this sensitive subject in her new book Highly Sensitive: Understanding Your Gift of Spiritual Sensitivity just released September 2010 by Destiny Image. The author writes from a wealth of experience as she struggled to recognize and realize for herself that being emotionally and spiritually sensitive was indeed a gift that could be used for God’s glory—a gift she admits she was not too happy with at first!

This is Brown’s second book on the subject of spiritual sensitivity and is a companion volume to her earlier, The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity. However, if you haven’t yet gotten the first book, there is enough information here so that you won’t feel lost as you read this one. The author distinguishes her two books in this way:

The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity is primarily about GOD’s domain, what He did/does for you, and your reactions. I wrote it to give voice and vocabulary to how you experience life, to give you hope and comfort as well as understanding of how the LORD designed you to bear burdens. You are not crazy, but you are different from many—and that is a good thing!

Highly Sensitive: Learning to Live with the Gift, is about your domain—about the things you can choose to work on under GOD’s direction. It is about spiritual fitness—building in the structures, habits, and disciplines that will enable you to do ‘the good works that were designed for you to do from the beginning’ (Ephesians 2:10)….This book is about the issues highly sensitive people wrestle with and the inner structures you need to build to live a joy-filled life as a burden bearer, before the ‘gift’ kills you!…

Once The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity was in reader’s hands, the loudest question I heard was, ‘Now what? Where do I go from here?’ Highly Sensitive attempts to answer that question.

As Brown came to understand her God-given gift, she soon became a lighthouse for others who were struggling with the same gift. Numerous personal experiences dot the landscape of her prose. Added to that are the experiences of others she’s come to know as a pastor’s wife, mom and educator. Without exposing them, she shares their hurts and healing, so we can relate.

Drawing on data from brain research, spiritual and emotional healing, and Biblical truths, the author carefully covers in-depth what a person needs to know to enjoy the way God made him or her. In her relaxed writing style she unfolds unexpected revelations and wonders. It is an enjoyable experience to read it—like when you stroll around a corner and are pleasantly surprised by what you see, hear or smell.

Brown explains that about 20% of the general population has high sensitivity—a quality that uniquely prepares them for the work of “bearing one another’s burdens” as we are called to do so in Galatians 6:2. Hence, “burden bearers” are gifted to intercede in a particularly important way for others.

Brown shows how we can, indeed, learn the language of the spirit when we embark into the disciplines of bearing burdens rightly. As we each become more deeply acquainted with ourselves, we will more readily know when our Lord is asking us to pray for another when he lays on us someone else’s load that would overwhelm that person.  When we come alongside in such a way, we can choose to go to the cross or wear that burden as our own. Four ways are suggested in the book of how we can tell if we have unwittingly chosen the second method. The author goes on to explain that a close walk with our Lord requires a sound approach to hearing God and knowing how He speaks to each of us uniquely. Numerous ways that our hearing can be blocked are discussed; and how we can pray to bring about the lack of restriction Jesus waits to give. Thorny issues of trust and boundaries are also tackled: “You need people who truly know you and can give you feedback when you are not acting like yourself….Once you create boundaries that reflect your values, you can develop gracious and appropriate ways to hold or defend them.”

Brown takes the reader by the hand, sympathetically and carefully, and walks us through the process—defining the gift, experiencing healing and redemption, and eventually joy being careful not to rush or overwhelm. In summary, we are encouraged to “be who we are.” I cried for joy during the closing word picture she painted!

As I read these pages, I was awed by how much I had not understood about my own identity in terms of self-worth, belonging, and competency and how to go about repairing that identity. It is all here and all of it related to being who the Lord made each of us to be.

If you are looking for information about sensitivity—why you or someone you know acts (or reacts) the way they do, plus what to do about it—then this is an especially important read. If you seem at times to be filled with emotions that you don’t know where they are coming from, or if you know someone like that (crying easily or angry for no discernible reason, for example), this book will be an eye-opener. Are you counseling or praying with people? Are you a student of people—wondering why they act the way they do? Are you wondering why you act the way you do? Whether you are a professional or lay person, this book can give help and answers. Get a cup of tea, put your feet up and immerse yourself in this revelatory book about how God made you uniquely you.

Carol has been an educator, foreign student advisor, administrator, intercessor, and Mom, but through it all she has always been a burden bearer. She was associated with Elijah House ministry for six years and ministered with her pastor/counselor husband nationally and internationally.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grand Rapids author releases kids’ book with a message

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – This week marks the nationwide release of “Sassy Pants Makes Amends,” the latest children’s book from Grand Rapids author Carol A. Brown.

The book introduces readers to Sassy Pants, whose bad behavior pushed everyone away. A close encounter with an electric fence helped her begin to notice and care, but too late. No one trusted her.

Readers discover how to fix a friendship when they are the one who broke it as Sassy Pants learns to apologize, ask forgiveness, and make amends with the help of two special friends. The story ultimately illustrates that, though making amends is hard, having friends is worth the hard work!

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book is available through bookstores na