Quick update!

I just wanted to update you on Chris’s condition. The shot for pain has been having the desired effect! It has reduced the pain and make it possible for more benefit from the chiropractic treatments and the physical therapy. The combination of therapies is having a synergistic effect. The doctor says that he can have a total of four shots…two closer together to sort of front load and then maybe a third six months later.

Courseys are encouraged! Thank you for your prayers…please continue to pull down from heaven the reality of restored health and vitality! Praise and glory to God!

Gleanings from The Round Table:

Be encouraged if at first your introduction of the joy materials is not met with resounding success! That bit about not despising small beginnings…yeah, that one!

The process of having a small group go through Joy Starts Here — may have to be repeated 2-3 times to build a pool of people ready and wanting to take the Connexus course.

A couple times through the course and you will have made a T-Zone (transformation zone) of joy in your church! And it is contagious!

These results were common to the folks who shared their experiences. It may take more time than you are comfortable with, but God knows about time so rest assured that He will complete what He starts!

Blessings, Chris & Carol

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