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In our post on April 7 we shared from the Round Table Talks about starting a transformation zone in your family, church and community.

As we have been encouraging each other in our efforts to be self-propagating joy starters let’s add to the list of things that you can do:

Be a Joy Starter! This may very well be the single most powerful element in the transformation process. You.

Go fly a kite! Literally! You will see faces light up and smiles on faces. People may strike up conversations with you. And you will benefit—relax, and your spirit can soar with the kite. This can be a time when you connect with God and feel renewed.

Be engaging. We have heard “don’t talk to strangers” so much that we avoid eye contact are filled with fear. But we know that perfect love casts out fear! And joy is shared quickly through the eyes.

Take walks. Appreciate nature. Do some beach combing—God may surprise you with a divine appointment! Expect God…

Ask for highlights. Ask people what the highlight of the day, week, etc. was. This elicits appreciation stories or glory stories without any “special language” that might turn people off.

Laugh. Don’t be afraid to laugh out loud! Laughter is infectious; it lifts people’s moods and can change the atmosphere. It has the effect of sunbeams through rain clouds. It is good medicine!

As you walk around you emit a “zone of joy” that attracts others. People want to be around you because you lift their hearts. Joy is the source of strength—their burdens feel less heavy when you are around. You are not lifting their burdens nor are you absorbing them into your own being and becoming weighed down! You simply emit joy, that you are glad to be with them.

People are curious. They will want to know what makes you tick. They will want what you have because of the way you make them feel. Then you can begin to gather a group together and “share your secrets.” That’s when you begin to do the things listed in that previous post.

That’s the latest tidbit from the Round Tables. Let us know what is working for you as you begin the transformation in your corner of the world so we can share what works or what does not work!

May your joy be full,

Chris & Carol,

Chris Coursey, MA Theology — Author, Speaker and Thrive Trainer,

Twitter – @coursey_chris

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