The Lifeboat in Your Brain–Part I

…19 Relational Skills that revolutionize your life, revitalize your marriage and reshape the world.

Imagine you are on a ship at sea when, suddenly, piercing sirens jolt you. A blaring voice over the loud speaker announces there is an emergency. Directions ensue: Passengers must quickly reach the deck for a life-saving exit strategy. Lifeboats are available to save you from the soon demise of the damaged vessel. Would you want a lifeboat?

Each of us has a lifeboat between our ears. The human brain is a three-pound, magnificent work of art that directs everything you say, think and do. In all its grandeur the brain dictates your decisions, runs relationships, and produces personal preferences. The brain tells you what to eat, when to go to bed and what to post on Facebook. Your brain is busily working at this very moment to keep you alive and interpret letters on this page.

When trained, the brain is a God-given instrument to sustain relationships, improve marriages, further friendships and create churches that change the world. Your brain is a personal lifeboat that works best with joyful relationships when people are glad to be together. This efficient little lifeboat relies on a select set of learned relational skills that enable you to respond to shifting, moment-by-moment circumstances in the best possible manner.

Life Model Works has identified nineteen relational brain skills that must be learned for optimal relational, personal, emotional, spiritual and mental health. Everyone, ideally, develops these skills by the age of 3 years.

When the nineteen are not fully mastered, you will feel inadequate. You cope with life in a painfully stunted sort of way. Something is missing. You may respond to people and circumstances rigidly. You make decisions out of fear and, deep down, believe there must be more out there, just beyond your reach. You feel comfortably numb or relentlessly pursue activities to make you feel better, calmer and more secure. You feel distracted and discontent. Relationships are confusing or worse, abrasive.

Who you are on the inside does not match your outside appearance. You do not express the life you dreamed was possible. You end up feeling empty, a shell of who you want to be.

At some point along the way your “relational ship” lost momentum, taking in water. For many, you believe your current conditions are about as good as it’s going to be. You have lost hope and live each day as though getting by is the best you can do.

There is hope. The lifeboat between your ears can transform you to a confident, brilliant cruiser that sails the high relational seas with efficiency, style and grace. Young or old, you can train your brain to learn the nineteen skills. Whether you need a tune up or a makeover, there is no better time to start than today.

Relational brain skills may be the best investment you make in your lifetime. If you are wondering about your joy levels, you can go to and take the Joy-Q. This little test will not tell you which skills may need some repair but it can give you an idea of the current joy level in your life.

If you know that you are missing a skill (s) or some could use a tune up, the last 5-day Thrive Training of 2014 will be in Peoria, Ill this coming July.

Date: July 14th – 18th, 2014

Location: Holiday Inn, East Peoria, IL. USA

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Join us again next week for the conclusion of The Lifeboat.

May your joy be full,

Chris & CarolChris Coursey, MA Theology — Author, Speaker and Thrive Trainer,

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Carol A. Brown, Author of The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive          

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 p.s. We are working on  an explanation of the 19 Skills! Be watching for that.

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