How Do You Start Transformation? (Helpful ideas…)


Round Table Talks

The Round Table talks are about how to begin starting joy in your church and community—about asking questions and sharing what works. This is a time when those who have been there and done that can help those who would like to begin building joy. It is an idea sharing time so the following are various ideas and approaches from our April 1, 2014 conversations:

1. Just begin. Grab the Joy Start Here book, gather some friends who would be willing to study it with you and just begin. This approach doesn’t require any “permission” per se. It’s friends meeting over coffee. When joy builds, word of mouth will supply the next study. When you have repeated this process a few times you would have enough “graduates” to be ready for the Connexus materials and official sanction of the materials.

Simultaneously work on establishing relationships with a leader(s), either a pastor or Sunday School teacher or counselor who would be in a position to recommend Joy Starts Here and the Connexus material to the Education Committee within your church. The more voices echoing the same sentiments the better.

2. You might ask to run a “beta group” or a “pilot project.”

3. At this point you would need to get the license to teach the Connexus materials from Shepherd’s House and begin the facilitator training. You are launched.

4. Perceptions: Another tip is that if you begin under the auspices of the counseling ministry there may be a perception that joy is just for “those recovery people.” The truth is, we all need healing, but unfortunately, sometimes those who are fairly functional don’t feel a need!

5. Share Immanuel—One powerful key that several people have used is the Immanuel process. Learning to hear God’s voice is transforming. One individual found that when people experienced God’s presence, they wanted more. You can purchase Share Immanuel below in the Resources section. Beginning or ending each session with a time of practicing the Immanuel process builds joy such that people want to continue the practice.

As people practice the Immanuel process,they come to understand that it takes 2 to create joy. The two can be just “Jesus and me!” Or it can be you and another person, but it takes two!

6. Skepticism—If your community is rather low joy but composed of “good people” who want to “do the right thing” you may encounter skepticism. Joy may be perceived to be a luxury, not a necessity.

The person who talked about this shared that the way they are approaching the right brain problem is to take a left brain approach. They make the case that “something” is missing developmentally; there are gaps in maturity—and what’s with that?

The next step would be to have a maturity workshop with Chris. During the workshop people experience joy building and when they can see the link between joy and closing those gaps in maturity, then it begins to make logical, left-brained, good sense to use the right brain solution!

Should we include the graphic for each book? Thinking so…

Resources Mentioned: Click here to purchase

Joy Starts Here


Share Immanuel

ShareImmanuel Ibooklet

Joy Exercises for Busy Couples

30 days Joy Exercises








If you have questions on how to start joy in your church/community please join us for the next round table Tuesday, April 15th, 3pm EST. West Coast Roundtable. Register.

If you would like to share your experiences of starting some of the Life Model classes/groups in your church we would love to have you join in and share what worked for you!

We are hoping to see this material in 1,000 churches across America by the end of this year. Help us restore lost relational brain skills and reach that goal.

May your joy be full,

Chris & Carol

Chris Coursey, MA Theology — Author, Speaker and Thrive Trainer, 

Twitter – @coursey_chris

Carol Brown, Author of The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive                  

3 thoughts on “How Do You Start Transformation? (Helpful ideas…)

  1. Hi Carol,
    I just have to thank you for this resource that I receive on a regular basis from you. A very dear friend introduced me to “Living from the Heart…” about six years ago. I believe God orchestrated our friendship and we were able to share and learn much from the book. Since then I have pursued other resources here and there and also attended a seminar Ed Khoury offered on Belonging in MO a number of years ago. My friend and I have a handful of others who we talk with on a regular basis and our sphere is growing! My background is in teaching even though I am a stay at home mom now. I really appreciate what this organization offers but we are not an organized church with the resources that others/churches have. Also we live in PA, so in addition to the expense of the conferences offered, we have to consider travel and accommodations. I love what you are willing to offer for me to glean from via email without adding a financial stipulation tied to it. We really do want to grasp what the Life Model has to offer to us and to our small group here in PA. We did just purchase a few copies of Joy Starts Here and plan to listen in to the Round Table discussion next Tuesday. Thanks again for helping us to connect and grasp a solid foundation for ourselves and others we are leading.

    • I am thankful that it is helpful and we will continue to bring you tips and resources that will assist you in your own journey as well as your ministry. Blessings, Carol

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