Pastor’s Weekly is GONE?

Newsflash—Pastor’s Weekly has a new name and format. Pastor’s Weekly is now called “The Roundtable.” This week’s topic, Best Practices – What works and What Doesn’t, was presented in a panel discussion format with Chris and Jim Martini, Shepherd’s House CEO, facilitating.

Our session opened with a presentation of the CONNEXUS materials and our vision of what it could do. Our goal for 2014 is to put CONNEXUS materials in 1,000 churches. What a JOY explosion!

Jim Martini gave three steps you can take to begin to spread JOY in your church and community.


1. Be An Instigator. Get the Joy Starts Here book and find a small group that is looking for a new book to study, or gather a group and form your own. Be an instigator with your pastor(s) and leadership (adult education minister, youth minister, etc.) and introduce them to the material. Show them what JOY can produce!

2. Start the CONNEXUS program. This begins with two classes running concurrently, Restarting (for those who are aware of their pain and know that something is missing) and Forming (not necessarily aware of pain, but who want more…a deeper more intimate relationship with The King). Next class is Belonging in which both groups come together to learn how to live in community. This is based on the Life Model concept of transformation happening when there is a gentle response to weakness and the “strong” and the “weak” relate.

3. Repeat! Now that you have experienced it, become a life-giver and give away what you know by starting more groups and sharing the JOY! Over 170 people across the U.S. are licensed teacher/trainers. Information about becoming a teacher/trainer are available by contacting CONNEXUS.

Somewhere along the way you are going to want to take the THRIVE training. It is available twice in the U.S. and highly recommended. See Resources below.

And then the interactive part started. The panel introduced themselves and shared their “best practices.” They told what was working at their end as they used the Connexus materials and how the JOY was spreading. There were questions…and answers. Wow! How do you summarize that? You don’t!

Listening to people share the excitement of seeing lives changed has a way of igniting your imagination as to what could happen if 1,000 churches really got hold of how to help people connect with Jesus. It would be/could be a repeat of what it was like in the apostle’s days!

Give a listen and feel the possibilities! The next session is Jan. 16, 2014.

Resources in this episode can all be purchased at



Joy Starts Here





30 days Joy Exercises30 Days of Joy for Busy Married Couples

A listener asked if this book was available on Amazon (it was listed, but as “out of print.”) We don’t know why it was on Amazon since no one of us put it there! The book is NOT out of print. It can be purchased at





CONNEXUS curriculum




US THRIVE  Training Events2014
5-day Training (Tracks I-III)

Dates: March 24th – 28th, 2014 and July 14th – 18th, 2014
Holiday Inn, East Peoria, IL. USA
Registration: Is now open!
Click here to register.
Find Out

Hoping you will come on over to to purchase or get more information on each of these resources.

May your JOY be full,

Chris & Carol

Chris Coursey, MA Theology — Author, Speaker and Thrive Trainer, 

Twitter – @coursey_chris

Carol Brown, Author of The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive                  

This blog post is based on a panel discussion led by Chris Coursey and Joe Martini, Jan. 9, 2014.

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