Joy With Half A Brain?

There are 19 skills a brain needs to master to be able to develop and maintain satisfying joyful relationships. In a perfect world you would learn all of them by the time you are 3 or 31/2.

I’m pretty healthy and don’t have a whole lot of trouble with relationships…but still I would like to know if I have a full deck here or not. Know what I mean? So I download the 19 skills, right here.

And then I bought the book Joy Starts Here.


I’m reading and learning…but I keep hearing this statement over and over again. “You can’t learn these skills from a book.” That’s not what I want to hear. “You have to learn them from someone with a brain that already knows the skills.”

That means that I HAVE to attend the Thrive Conference. That’s a problem for me. Your reason to not be able to attend may be different than mine—I live with multiple sclerosis and the debilitating fatigue that comes with it…and a few other inconvenient symptoms. Five days, all day with a fairly high energy output? One day like that and I’m out…flat!

I finally get it. The pieces fell together in my mind and I understand why they say you have to attend! Reading and all that goes with it is a left brain activity. When you read your right brain is probably not fully engaged. It’s sort of on “idle”. I can take in all that information. I can understand the concepts, but my brain can’t execute relational skills without a model and practice….right brained learning is more along the lines of monkey see; monkey do! I finally get it.


The right brain imitates…(little kids try to walk like Dad does). Their right brain acquires a skill by imitation. Reading may improve my relationships because I will know to monitor what I do and don’t do and I will understand the why of things; but understanding concepts does not substitute for imitating a brain that already has the skills I’m needing.

Joyful relationships are a full brain activity!


So, I truly can’t acquire the skills from a book. If I try I would be doing relationships with half a brain. Probably wouldn’t produce satisfying results.

 Thrive Training occurs twice in 2014.  You can begin planning now!

5-day Training (Tracks I-III)

Date: March 24th – 28th, 2014
Holiday Inn, East Peoria, IL. USA
Registration: Coming

5-day Training (Tracks I-III)

Date: July 14th – 18th, 2014
Holiday Inn, East Peoria, IL. USA
Registration: Coming

If you can’t get away for five straight days or, like me, your body can’t tolerate five straight days there is another format. Yay! You can bring bring this training to your community and keep your day job.


CONNEXUS is our breakthrough program which incorporates both recovery and discipleship with The Life Model TM and relational joy as its foundation. The program begins with the paired Restarting and Forming modules and brings participants together for Belonging.

This relational approach to discipleship will bring both the weak and the strong in your group together to grow joy and experience a truly thriving community!

CONNEXUS creates a transformation zone which requires three key components. Strong and weak must interact together, tender responses towards weakness must be the rule and an Immanuel lifestyle must be practiced. CONNEXUS is carefully designed to bring these components together in your group.

Make your church a transformation zone and experience the joy!

For more information contact via

email:   phone: 828-241-2195
Phone Hours: M-F 10-3 EDT



Action Step: Begin the conversations about how to begin transforming your life and your community!





May your joy be full,

Chris & Carol

Chris Coursey, MA Theology — Author, Speaker and Thrive Trainer, 

Carol Brown, Author of The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive                  

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