Three Minute Solution—Oops, we forgot!


Now what do you do when you forget or were so harassed with getting the kids out the door and to the bus on time because everyone overslept?

The kids rush to the bus.

You and your spouse dash for the highway to get to work…

Hectic Highways

We have a little option for you if you missed your three minutes in the morning. You have a chance to prepare on your way home which heightens your chances of being greeted joyfully.

The Three Minute Oops!

  • Take some quiet—Take one moment to quiet down even when you park the car in the driveway before you run right into the house, just take one moment to quiet so you have your own relational circuits on and you don’t arrive home flustered and trying to check all the last minute emails and phone messages. One minute of quiet for yourself.
  • Think about your day—Think  about something you have appreciated throughout the day that will bring you some appreciation. It is also something you might be able to share with your partner, but now that you are quiet, you want to be in that same sense of appreciation when you walk in the door.
  • Have a moment where God will bless you and talk with you about your family. Ask Jesus, “What is it you want me to be aware of with my family so that I arrive home with God at my side?”

These three things are basically what you would have given as gifts in the morning but having forgotten them or run out of time, this is a way to prepare yourself and it is not a bad thing to do even if you did have the blessing, appreciation and quiet in the morning.

It still helps you be in the mood and ready for coming home to be a relational experience. So those are the things that are a good way to set up your day in order to heighten the amount of joy you are going to have at home; both when you leave and when you come home.

As simple as this seems, this exercise grows joy and sets your brain up to be thinking joy filled thoughts about your spouse and family so there is a sense of anticipation as you approach your driveway at night.

Share with us here whether you did your three minutes in the morning or as you came home at night. What worked or didn’t work for you?

Blessings, Carol Brown B.A. M.A.C.I.                                     Author of The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive                                                                             

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This post was based on a talk by Dr. Jim Wilder for Pastor’s Weekly

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